Tent Made of Oxford Fabric.

Oxford - a strong fabric of man-made fibers (nylon or polyester) of certain structures are usually coated, which provides full waterproof fabric. Also, the fabric has a water repellent. Nylon oxford has high strength, flexibility, good wind-guard properties superstability to abrasion. Effects of chemical reagents, characterized by a low hygroscopicity, high heat and light resistance. The main feature of this fabric - it is not flamable - it slowly melts if it is on fire.

Physical and technical characteristics of the material Oxford (Oxford): 

100% polyester
Breaking load (at a rate not less than 50kgs on the basis, and 30 kgs)
Oxford 600D - 160 kgs on the basis of 120 kgs
Waterproof (for PU coating) not less than 2000mm water column
Frost resistance Oxford PVC -50 ° C.

External Framework.

Framework is made of aviation steel alloy D16T - it is extremely durable and reliable. Our heated tents designed that way so you can assemble them in 10-20 minutes, depends on the model.

New models of camping saunas have annodized framework. The new anodized framework keeps your hands and tent clean during assembly. Also it is has soft green color.

Special Chimney cutting.

Smoke cutting pipes made of high-alloy stainless steel with help of laser cutting technology. Strong attachment to the awning provides reliable fixation of the pipe during times of heavy loads, such as gust of wind. The diameter is chosen that way so that the pipe is fixed during the installation and has a minimal clearance so that heat losses are negligible.

The heat from the tube is minimal to the chimney cutting because of the small contact area, so this system is safe and secure.

Furnace With Spark-Arrester.

Our furnaces are made of stainless steel 0.7mm (0,2 icnhes) thick. They are designed special for our tents. What makes them special is spark arrester - that captures the sparks emitted from the furnace to the chimney, thus protects the roof from burning tents.

Furnaces are relatively light (20 kg / 44 lbs) and compact - you can put chimney segments and legs into the furnace to transport it. 

Colour Schemes.