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Mobile Sauna Terma - 10

Size: 1.9 x 1.9 

Weight: 6kg

The tent has a swing door system with a rain canopy, 
a ventilation system for the stove. The most compact and popular model of the Mobile Sauna.
Just one small bag in your trunk!
The stove is made of AISI 403 stainless steel with a 
thickness of 0.8 mm. for the firebox and 0.5 mm. for
convector and chimney. The lower seams of the furnace
furnace are welded with a continuous seam, in order to
avoid the appearance of cracks with possible deformation
during use. The set of the stove includes 4 legs and 6
chimney segments, which in the transport position are
placed in the furnace firebox. Furnace weight: 15 kg. Dimensions L / W / H: 65 * 30 * 47 cm.